Project Name : CMEMP
Area Coverage : All Coastal and Marine Areas of the Philippines covering all, but not limited to the NIPAS Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Locally-Managed Marine Protected Areas (LMMPAs), Marine Key Biodiversity Areas (MKBAs) and adjacent municipal waters. 
Duration: 2017 - 2028
Implementing Agency/ies :  
Other Partners :  
Rationale/Short Description :

The Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program or CMEMP is a national program which aims to comprehensively manage, address and effectively reduce the drivers and threats of degration of the coastal and marine ecosystems in order to achieve and promote sustainability of ecosystem services, food security and climate change resiliency for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Objectives : The general objective of the CMEMP is to archieve the effective management of the country's coastal and marine ecosystems thereby increasing their ability to provide ecological goods and services to improve the quality of life of the coastal population particularly ensuring food security, climate change resiliency and disaster risk reduction.
Components - Outcomes :

1. Establish a well-connected network of MPAs to ensure the effective and sustainable management of coastal resources;

2. Implement sustainable management of coastal and marine resources to contribute to food security and improve human well-being of the coastal communities;

3. Effectively reduce threats and factors of degradation on coastal and marine ecosystems;

4. Enhance the formation of positive values among all stakeholders including the youth through shared responsibilities in sustainable management of coastal and marine resources and habitats;

5. Develop and/or enhance the skills and expertise of DENR concerned staff as well as other stakeholders on coastal and marine management.

Status of Implementation :



Capacity Building - Trainings

Assessment Activities - Development at BDFE

Major Accomplishment and Lessons Learned :  If completed project
Link to the Project (URL) :  On Process

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