In celebration of the Month of the Ocean in May as per Presidential Proclamation No. 57, series of 1999, the Regional Office in coordination with our PENROs and CENROs in MIMAROPA conducted the Month of the Ocean webinar undertaking the various ways in protecting and conserving our environment especially our marine protected areas.

 DENR MIMAROPA encourages the youth by involving them in information campaigns to expand awareness on the critical role of society in gathering and understanding scientific information for the protection and conservation of our oceans. In compliance with the Republic Act 9512 of 2008 (An Act to Promote Environmental Awareness through Environmental Education and for other purposes) and Republic Act No. 8044 (Youth in Nation-Building Act of 1994).

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) cited that the impact of multiple stressors on the ocean is projected to increase as the human population grows towards the expected 9 billion by 2050. As the community starts to develop rapidly, the source of livelihood and industrial technologies greatly affects the marine structure and the living species that borders in it.

As adaptation strategies and science-related responses to global change are urgently needed, Ms. Aiza A. Clemenia and Mr. Eunil A. Fatalla, both faculty members of the Central Taytay National High School, discussed various ocean threats such as water pollution, nuclear waste, increased carbon dioxide (CO2), overfishing, pollution and dumping, fish feeding and dynamite fishing. John Japheth Fabellon of Conservation and Development Division also discussed the threats to the Coral triangle including unsustainable coastal development and tourism, destructive fishing, overfishing, and climate change.