DENR MIMAROPA wins 2nd place for the Regional Paper Presentation for the Post Project Assessment of Mangrove and Beach Forest Development Project
by: Michaela T. Rongavilla


RD Oscar Dominguez receiving the award as Second Placer for the Regional Paper Presentation in the post project assesment of mangrove and Beach Forest Development Project

DENR MIMAROPA Region, headed by Regional Director Oscar C. Dominguez, emerged as a Second Placer, out of eleven (11) regions nationwide, competing for the Regional Paper Presentation for the Post Project Assessment of Mangrove and Beach Forest Development Project held last February 03-06, 2016 at the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel, Ermita, Manila. The event was attended by around two hundred (200) participants, composed of representatives from the DENR regional and field offices, academe, professionals, local government units and other agencies.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, through Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB), organized the Post Project Assessment for the Mangrove and Beach Forest Development Project, aiming to evaluate and assess the implementation of the project through the attainment of the target activities and accomplishments of the regions with MBFDP sites. It also served as a venue to showcase the best practices that led to the achievement of the goals of the project in their respective areas.

The actual competition was comprised of two categories: the poster and paper presentation. Eleven (11) regions with MBFDP sites participated on the regional paper presentation while different PENROs of the participating regions enjoined the poster competition which were displayed through an exhibit. Each region was given twenty (20) minutes to present their paper and ten (10) minutes for the open forum / Q&A with the panel of judges. The board of judges were Dr. Florentino Tesoro (Retired DOST Usec), Dir. Celso Diaz (Retired ERDB Director) and Carlos Arida of ERDB.

DENR MIMAROPA, with all of its five PENR offices, participated in the poster competition. The MIMAROPA regional paper entry, was presented by no less than Regional Director Oscar C. Dominguez himself. He thoroughly discussed the implementation of the MBFDP in the region, through a detailed presentation of the accomplishments of each of the provinces, the strategies and innovations undertaken by the regional and field implementers. This presentation was done through a combination of powerpoint and video presentation, aimed to balance technicality and creativity, which provided the significant data, facts and information of the project and its implementation and still captured the hardships that led to the success of the project in MIMAROPA region. The presentation was finished on time, and the inquiries from the board of judges were successfully answered by RD Dominguez.

After all the oral presentations from the regions, ERDB presented the results of their validation of the MBFDP sites. The MIMAROPA Region has successfully attained all of its targets with the following accomplishments:

MBFDP was widely implemented in the five provinces of MIMAROPA Region. Out of 2 cities and 71 municipalities of the region, 2 cities and 55 municipalities have MBFDP sites, with an effective area coverage of 77.5%. In terms of covered barangays, only 19% or 281 barangays out of 1,457 barangays have MBFDP sites;

100% accomplishment in terms of area planted: 8,095 hectares composed of 6,392 hectares of mangrove and 1,703 hectares of beach forest, representing 16.19% of the national target, second largest target, next to Region VIII with the biggest target of 13,590 hectares. This area is also equivalent to 22% of the total coastline of the region;

106.97% accomplishment in terms of seedling production: 21,648,617 seedlings were produced, composed of 15,433,928 mangrove propagules, 2,167,155 mangrove seedlings and 4,047,534 beach forest species, exceeding its target of 20,237,500 seedlings, with actual planted seedlings of 20,410,009 and;

310.20% accomplishment in terms of jobs generated: a total of 43,944 jobs for our local communities who are living in the coastal communities covered by the project area, which is over the expected output of 14,166 jobs produced. A total of 8,836 persons were employed wherein 60% were males and 40% were females.

As for the validation done by ERDB, it was reported that there is consistency between the area planted, as reported by the field offices and area validated by the validation team, in MIMAROPA Region.

The winning regions, (Region 7 as the 1st placer and Region 8 as 3rd placer for the paper presentation), received cash prizes aside from the Plaque of Participation given to all participating regions. As for the poster presentation PENRO Agusan del Norte won the first place.

The success of the region in this competition will not be possible if not for the excellent leadership of our Regional Director Oscar C. Dominguez with ARD for Technical Services Vicente B. Tuddao, Jr. and ARD for Management Services Nelson V. Gorospe, NGP Coordinator Manuel T. Escasura, various division chiefs and regional/field office staff, most especially the full and unwavering support of our field implementers, the PENROs and CENROs. These contributed to the achievement of all our targets that led to the positive results highlighted in our regional paper entry, the scientific but creative manner of presentation which was presented orally with confidence and brilliance by our Regional Director.