PENRO Oriental Mindoro conducts Gender and Climate Change Training


gender-climate change training     To better understand the concept of gender and its role in climate change, Gender and Development Focal Point of Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) conducted Gender and Climate Change Training last June 04, 2015 at the Conference Room, PENRO Oriental Mindoro. The activity aims to increase the awareness and the capacity of the PENRO and CENRO personnel to develop gender – responsive climate change activities.

     The activity was participated by seventy (70) personnel of PENR Office and its annex, and CENRO Socorro and Roxas.

     PENR Officer Mary June F. Maypa delivered her welcome remarks and expressed support in all the activities of gender and development. She reminded everyone on National Greening Program, Mangrove and Beach Development Project and other activities needing women’s participation. She encouraged and inspired all to achieve more in life and never stop improving oneself.

     The program was facilitated by PENRO IEC Officer and GAD Focal Point person, Forester Amor D. Asi. She imparted information on the basic difference of sex and gender as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation activities being implemented by DENR.

    Ms. Shierley M. Fronda , Administrative and Training Specialist at the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office in Victoria was the first resource speaker. She delved on the disaster risk mitigation and adaption matters as well as various natural disasters that may occur like landslides, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and informed everyone on what may cause such phenomena and what to do before, during and after the disaster.

     Subsequently, Oriental Mindoro’s Medical Assistant, Dr. Elsa S. Alberto discussed how to improve and maintain a good health in the midst of change climate and deadly viruses, including topics about cancer prevention, HIV and AIDS and on how it can be transmitted, detected and prevented. The last speaker was Ms. Ellen C. Javier, Ph.D, a Gender and Inclusion Specialist of B+WISER who tackled about women’s role in climate change and gender mainstreaming. She presented some videos and linked the relationship of women and climate change. She also illustrated the correlation and importance of women in climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and informed the participants on how gender mainstreaming will help in the performance of their own offices.

     With the expertise of the resource speakers the knowledge have shared, and the active participation of the attendees during the discussions, the objectives of the activity were successfully attained. (Adrian V. Catud)