by: Ma. Grace Laurente-Agatep


        Workshop on Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) – Module 1 was conducted by PENRO-Palawan and PENRO-Marinduque, in coordination with DENR-IVB-Coastal and Marine Management Division (CMMD), on May 2-3, 2013 and June 5-7, 2013, respectively. The workshop in Palawan was attended by representatives of PENRO-Palawan, seven CENROs of Palawan and Provincial Government of Palawan while representatives of CENRO-Marinduque, PENRO-Palawan and Municipal and Provincial Government of Marindque served as participants of the said workshop.  Lecturers of the said workshop were IEC Specialists of CMMD, Ma. Grace Laurente-Agatep, Morgan C. Gallego and Michaela T. Rongavilla, with the technical assistance of John Patrick D. Balagas and Ronald V. de la Cruz.

      The IIMS workshop was organized in order to establish and maintain a database on coastal resources and river basin management.  IIMS is useful in various aspects of environmental planning, management and assessment.  Among its application are environmental profiling, environmental atlas compilation, state of the coasts reporting, sustainable development strategy formulation, strategic environmental planning, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, resource valuation, institutional arrangements, environmental monitoring, public awareness and many more.  These aspects of environmental management and assessments are not only undertaken by government institutions but also by academic, business sector, consulting firms and the community, hence, these sectors also benefit from IIMS.


            Significantly, PENRO officers Juan Dela Cruz (Palawan) and Atty. Nicasio Rino (Marinduque) emphasized the importance of having a database on coastal resources management and was hopeful that the establishment of IIMS will be successfully maintained considering its benefits it would entail not only to the Office of DENR but also to other government agencies and sectors involved in environmental management. 

            Before the workshop proper, the participants revealed their expectations as well as their issues and concerns during the previous establishment of a database, the Municipal Coastal Database (MCD).  It was disclosed by the participants of Palawan workshop that the MCD has not been maintained probably due to the lack of capacity-building on and updating of the database in the provincial level.  Issues on the lack of proper equipments and available technical staffs for the data collection and encoding were also raised.  Hence, they were hoping that they will be able to sustain the IIMS database even after the conduct of the subject workshop. Likewise, most of the participants in the Marinduque workshop looked forward to a more comprehensive and sustainable database that will be used consistently in various agencies.     

     Other highlights of the workshop included lectures on Introduction to IIMS, Installations of IIMS and discussions and exercises on Data Classification, screening and conversion, Functionalities of the IIMS software, and Data Categories of IIMS: site/Region Data, Biological Data, Socioeconomic Data, Demographic Data, Governance Data, pollution Sources Data, Monitoring Data, water Resources Data, Physiographic Data, Natural and Human-Made Hazards Data and Natural and Cultural Heritage. 

         The IIMS workshop was concluded by a semi-planning workshop on data gathering and encoding wherein it was agreed LGUs and CENROs were assigned to do the data collection/gathering and encoding while PENRO was designated to collate and validate the data encoded. Regional office will provide technical assistance and coordinate with CMMO and PEMSEA regarding various concerns and problems arising from the local and provincial levels, as well as monitoring and updating of the database.