PAWCZMS’ Assessment and Planning Workshop

by: Ma. Grace Laurente-Agatep

The Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Services (PAWCZMS) of DENR-MIMAROPA, headed by Regional Technical Director Gwendolyn C. Bambalan, conducted its Assessment and Planning Workshop last January 16-18, 2013 at Citystate Tower Hotel, Ermita, Manila.  It served as the first workshop undertaken by the sector for CY 2013 and the first meeting/assembly with its newly appointed OIC-Chief of Protected Areas and Wildlife Division, Lino M. Dimapilis in lieu of Mary June F. Maypa’s new appointment as the OIC-PENRO of Oriental Mindoro. 

The said activity was attended by fifty-seven participants composed of PAWCZMS’ staff in the Regional Office and Field Offices.  Some of its attendees were  RTD Oscar Dominguez (former RTD for PAWCZMS and the present RTD for Lands and Management Service), RTD Edgardo Vendiola (RTD for Research who lectured on Survey, Mapping and Planning), RTD Danilo Quirejero (the newly appointed RTD for Forestry Management Service who gave updates on National Greening Program), and lastly, RED Edgardo Galeon (who actively participated during the workshop).

The participants were greatly inspired and motivated with the message of RED Galeon that he would not be where he is now if not without the help and support of his former home, the PAWCZMS.  For this, he will always be grateful and happy everytime he is with PAWCZMS' diligent and hardworking staffs.  Meanwhile, RTD Dominguez’ opening note: “PAWCZMS is always serving with excellence and is now shining through”  and RTD Bambalan’s concluding note:   If we focused on the problems, we will be faced with more difficulties, but if we focused on solutions, there will be more opportunities” are also truly remarkable. 

Through this three-day workshop, the sector had assessed the status/progress of its CY 2012 targets, identified issues, concerns, current gaps and constraints that were encountered during the implementation of the said targets, and recommended strategies to address those issues.  An action planning for CY 2013 targets based from the approved CY 2013 Work and Financial Plan including seeting of priority targets for CY 2014 had been done.

Likewise, the workshop provided an avenue among the Protected Area Superintendents (PASus), staff, PAWCZMS focal persons, and technical staff of field offices to clarify processes in the establishment and disestablishment of protected areas, to generate information on Integrated Information Management System (IIMS), good practices of effective Integrated Coastal Management, cave assessment, SMP, NGP, and National Wetlands Action Plan (NWAPP), Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) analysis and the importance of E.O. No. 80 (An Order Directing the Adoption of Performance-Based Incentive System for Government Employees).

Updates on four projects carried out by the sector were also given during the workshop.  These projects cover Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project (ICRMP), Biodiversity Partnerships Project (BPP), Tamaraw Conservation Project, and New Conservation Areas Philippine Project (NEWCAPP). 

Also, one of the highlights of the workshop was the fellowship night.  It was a gathering specifically dedicated to all PAWCZMS staffs whose humble efforts and dedication to their respective duties paved the way to a successful CY 2012 making them well-deserved grantees of a night to relax, enjoy, and celebrate with each other. The night turned out to be the best night of their PAWCZMS life as they showcased their amazing talents.

Indeed, the PAWCZMS’ Assessment and Planning Workshop was a very successful one.  This outcome is but a manifestation that the sector is an output oriented sector of DENR-MIMAROPA and is a notable source of inspiration to other sectors for being the first sector to organize and deliver this kind of workshop for CY 2013. 


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