by: Ma. Grace Laurente-Agatep

Loreen M. Belza

            By virtue of Executive Order 366 or otherwise known as the Government Rationalization Program issued by Pres. Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo on October 4, 2004, all branches ofratplan2 the Executive Department were directed to strategically review the operations and organizations of the branch and provide options and incentives for government employees who may be affected by the rationalization of the functions and agencies of the executive branch. It aims to focus government efforts on its vital functions and channel government resources to these core public services and improve the efficiency of government services, within affordable levels, and in the most accountable manner.

  As a department of the Executive branch, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) started its rationalization efforts on September 1, 2005. Various steps had been taken by the DENR towards this purpose. DENR rationalization proposals have been submitted and resubmitted together with justifications to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) for consideration. This is to ensure consistency with the objectives of this effort.

         Hence, as part of the implementation planning activities of the rationalization program of the DENR, a workshop was conducted by DENR-IVB-Regional Office through its Administrative Division and Regional Public Affairs Office at the City State Tower Hotel, Ermita, Manila on July 3-5, 2013.  It was conducted to inform the key personnel in the various provincial offices on the rationalization program.  It was also organized to determine issues confronting the employees and to clarify actions, roles and expectations on the rationalization program.  The workshop was attended by a total of thirty (30) participants composed of Administrative Officers, Personnel and Property Officers and Employees Union representative from each of the province and representatives from the Finance, Administrative, Personnel, General Services, Public Affairs Office, Human Resource and Development Section and Employees’ Union for the first and second level from the Regional Office.

         As part of his inspirational message, the Regional Executive Director of DENR-IVB Edgardo O. Galeon emphasized that the rationalization plan is for the employees of DENR especially the permanent employees since it calls for the placement of permanent employees and subsequent hiring of qualified contractual or casual employees for any existing vacancies.  He stressed the importance of exercising full transparency in the implementation of the rationalization plan.  For this reason, he gave an undertaking that such transparency shall be highly observed so that no unsound discretion or abuse of authority shall be exercised in the course of executing the rationalization plan.        

            Discussions during the workshop covered: EO No. 366, Orientation on the Placement Guidelines and Policies on Personnel Actions Relating to Placement of Personnel under the DENR Rationalization Plan by RTD for Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service (PAWCZMS) Gwendolyn C. Bambalan and Incentive Package under EO No. 366 by OIC-Chief of Administrative Division Alberto Arbo.

          RTD Bambalan elaborated that the rationalization plan will provide more benefits than disincentives.  She explained that the rationalization plan is the proper placement of permanent employees and not of promotion.  In her discussion, she mentioned that the placement of employees shall only be done after the issuance of indicative staffing pattern by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

              Meanwhile, it was mentioned that for purposes of determining the incentive benefits under the rationalization plan, the employment status shall be reckoned from the time they rendered their government service as casual employees until the age of fifty nine (59).

           RED Galeon directed the would-be-retirees to process their claims and other documents as early as possible.  He instructed the Administrative Division-Regional Office to designate one employee to process the request for clearance from the Ombudsman and to inform the PENROs through a memorandum to send the necessary documents to the Regional Office.

          Queries regarding administrative and finance functions as well as on property procurement were also made during the workshop wherein RTD Bambalan encouraged the participants to always act with impartiality, integrity and to comply at all times with existing civil service rules and other pertinent regulations.  Likewise, RTD Bambalan reiterated the vitality of communications and coordination between and among personnel of Administrative and Finance Division.

        ratplan1On the last day of the workshop, representative of each provincial office presented their workshop output; Summary of Positions, Position Categories (Opportunity, Placement, Status Quo and Co-terminus with the Incumbents) and Summary of Survey Results with Computation of EO 366 Incentive.  The participants were reminded of the Standard pro-forma Memorandum that they should prepare for the employees who will avail of the incentive package and that the computed amount should be indicated for information of the concerned employee.


DENR MIMAROPA Holds Training Workshop on
Gender and Sensitivity, Planning and Budgeting


  The Regional Gender and Development Focal Point System MIMAROPA successfully conducted the three day workshop on Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines last January 06-08, 2015 at Best Western Oxford Suites Hotel in Makati City with thirty (30) Land Management Officers from PENROs and CENROs and some DENR Regional Office officers in attendance.

    Regional Director Oscar C. Dominguez emphasized the significance of GAD Mainstreaming in the programs, projects and activities of the office and that there must be more initiatives in mainstreaming Gender in line with the GAD road map of the DENR as a whole. He elaborated his plan of activities in Gender and Development efforts of the regional office including PENROs and CENROs in his opening remarks.

      Resource Speakers, Forester Dolores D. Wanasen and RTD for PAWCZMS and Concurrent Regional Chair for GAD Focal Point System, RTD Gwendolyn C. Bambalan led the leveling of expectation on the conduct of the training and discussed “The Basic Concepts and Principles of Gender and Development”; “Sex Disaggregated Data Collection and Gender Analysis”.

     On the next day, Forester Wanasen presented the topic on Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) -an important Gender Analysis tool used to analyze the gender responsiveness of development projects of government agencies and attached offices and other office development assistance (ODA) – funded programs. Here, the Core messages in designing, implementation and Monitoring and evaluation of development projects were presented.

   The next topic she discussed was the “Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Mainstreaming Framework (GMEF), which was aimed to determine the level/stage of gender responsiveness of the organization, mainstreaming and integrating gender concerns. The participants were also oriented about the four stages of gender mainstreaming, the indicators or descriptors that are present to signify their level of gender mainstreaming. The topic on GAD Planning and Budgeting was presented by RTD Bambalan where she discussed the concepts, principles and processes of GAD planning and budgeting. She also discussed the legal bases and considerations in planning and emphasized that the budget to be attributed on projects is based from the score of their HGDG.

     Under the Gender and Development (GAD) Program, DENR MIMAROPA aims to be more active and enthusiastic in organizing events about GAD, as reflected in this Harmonized GAD Guidelines workshop, which primarily focuses on the idea that development is for all, that everyone in society, female or male, has the right to equal opportunities to achieve a full and satisfying life.

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